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Are you ready to take your business to the next level and conquer a new market? At N3xtWave, we’re experts in helping companies successfully expand internationally, saving costs and gaining efficiency in the process.

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Rodi Motor Services: Car and Vehicle Maintenance Workshops
Maquina Motors: Motorcycle Dealership and Workshop
pathline career mentoring software

Why is it important to internationalize a tech company?

Internationalization is the strategic process of expanding your business beyond national borders and seizing new growth opportunities. In an increasingly interconnected world, internationalization has become a crucial step for software companies to reach their full potential.

In fact, if your company is a SaaS or an e-commerce platform, internationalization is a must, as otherwise, you risk facing competition coming from abroad, or the rise of new national competitors. Both will have the same impact, a decrease of your market share.

Technology moves very fast, indeed!


From the first lead to the first client,
To the launch of a sustainable sales branch in the country.

We understand the challenges you’re up against. Bureaucracy, language barriers, cultural differences, staffing shortages, and costs… It’s not an easy feat. With N3xtWave, the process becomes much simpler. Forget about hiring staff or setting up a new company. You’ll have a top-notch team that localizes and sells your product right from the start.

That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive internationalization service that covers every stage of the process, from initial research to customer retention.

SaaS B2B Market Study N3xtwave Consulting

Market study

The market study is essential for identifying the opportunity and gaining an understanding of the challenges, competitors, and our main objective in the country.

B2B Marketing Audit N3xtwave Consulting Barcelona

Marketing audit

We conduct a marketing strategy audit to tailor it to the needs and expectations of the target audience in the country.

marketing acquisition sem google ads linkedin n3xtwave

Acquisition sources

We optimize your SEA advertising, Social Ads, and Email Marketing to make the most of every impression and generate leads. We attract customers from day one.

pilot test n3xtwave international consulting saas

Pilot launch

We conduct a test with real prospects (inbound or outbound), to gather feedback and validate your product-market fit, and maybe even sign the first deals.

launch market product saas n3xtwave consulting barcelona

Real launch

It’s a GO? Let’s take your launch to the next level and set-up a real operation. We help you find local partners, teams, and setting-up in the country with tailor-made solutions.

seo search engine optimization consultory marketing ventas n3xtwave barcelona

SEO & Content

We create a customized SEO content strategy to increase your online presence and establish you as a leader in your sector within the country.

training personal team sales marketing saas b2b

Team training

Your business is growing, your sales are increasing, and we keep adding clients… it’s time to grow the team. Let us recruit and train the team, or do it yourself. It’s up to you!

support accompaniment companies saas b2b n3xtwave consulting marketing sales

Follow-up and support

We are your trusted partner in the country. Even if our paths diverge, you’ll always have us available to help you with: consultancy, support, coaching, personnel… Don’t hesitate to call!

Frequently asked questions

Discover answers to the most common questions about business internationalization with our dedicated FAQs!

N3xtWave currently operates in Spain, France, Portugal and Italy, besides the UK. Additionally, through external collaborations, we can assist you in entering the DACH area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), and other European markets. Ask us to learn more!

The cost of launching a Saas or B2B tech product to a new country can vary depending on several factors. Generally, the first year usually ranges around £100,000. This is because you need to find different profiles (select, train and pay them), such as marketing specialists, sales representatives, and technical support staff, among others. Additionally, there are expenses associated with market research, product adaptation to the new market, investment in marketing and advertising strategies, and last but not least, administrative and legal costs.

At N3xt Wave, our goal is to reduce both the cost and the time required to achieve results with the launch of a Saas into a foreign market. We work closely with our clients to develop a customized plan that fits their needs and budget, thus ensuring a successful and profitable launch in the desired market.

The time required to achieve the initial results can vary significantly depending on various factors. Generally, results are noticeable early on, but they become more evident around the 6-month mark. However, this timeframe may be influenced by the nature of the product, the target audience, and the decision-making process within the company.

For example, a SaaS product designed to manage corporate social media may yield results more quickly than an ERP solution that affects all levels of the organization. Additionally, the time also depends on key decision-makers who play a crucial role in the purchasing process.

At N3xt Wave, we work closely with our clients to set realistic expectations and develop strategies to accelerate the time to results. Our goal is to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in each project, thus ensuring an optimal return on investment in the shortest time possible.

Yes, that’s not a problem. At N3xt Wave, we offer the flexibility to outsource only the sales department, allowing you to collaborate with your internal marketing team while we focus on driving your sales and expanding your business in the new market. We will work closely with you to ensure that our sales strategies are aligned with your specific goals and needs.

However, please note that for internationalization, it will be essential to have someone native if you want to convey a credible and coherent image in the target country with your marketing.

Great! That means your product is working, and you want to expand further. At N3xt Wave, we understand that needs and circumstances can change over time. If you decide at any point to take control of the project and hire a local team in the country, we’ll be happy to initiate the transition process. We’ll provide a complete handover of all areas you choose, both in marketing and sales. If needed, we’ll take care of sourcing the professional profiles you require and training them to provide a seamless transition to your local team. We’ll be here to support you every step of the way and ensure that your transition is successful and efficient.

Yes, at N3xt Wave, the client sets the pace. We can perform the service in different phases of the process development, adapting to the needs of each company. The goal is to ensure success in your launch as soon as possible, while maintaining complete control over your budget and results. We tailor our approach to your timelines and requirements to ensure a personalized and effective experience at each stage of the project.

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