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Ramon Castro and Emilien Delile, founders of the consulting firm N3xt Wave in Barcelona.

N3xtWave emerges from a story of perseverance and self-improvement

The founders met while working on a joint project, launching a French startup in Spain. This venture was Steeple, a SaaS communication software for early-stage companies. Our aim was to drive sales and establish the platform as a market leader.

The project lasted nearly 3 years. Together, we built a strong marketing and sales team, propelling the company to success in the country. Today, Steeple is a significant player in Spain, a leading software that enhances communication for thousands of people with their companies. However, we must be honest and acknowledge that the journey was far from easy. Both of us realized that with more experience and knowledge, we could have reached our goal sooner, saving time and money along the way.

It is this experience that led us to launch N3xtWave, a marketing and sales consultancy to support B2B SaaS companies in launching and consolidating their products. At N3xtWave, we provide support at both strategic and operational levels, guiding you through all phases of the sales funnel: brand awareness, attraction, acquisition, prospecting, conversion, and retention.

At N3xtWave, you’ll find a reliable and honest partner to launch your product in your market niche, following a professional methodology focused on results—the best guarantee for the success of your project. Are you ready to surf with us?

Co-founder - Operations

Emilien Delile

A versatile professional with experience in both large corporations and startups, Emilien began his career at the Renault-Nissan Alliance as a product manager. He later managed the loyalty program for Conforama France and provided training to salespeople in sales techniques and financing. Subsequently, he oversaw Customer Relations for Conforama Iberia before transitioning to the B2B world as Director of Customer Success for a SaaS startup. He then served as Country Manager for Steeple in Spain. Emilien has worked in France, Spain, Portugal, England, and Venezuela.

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Emilien Delile, consultant in B2B marketing and sales at N3xt Wave.
Ramon Castro B2B marketing and sales consultant at N3xt Wave

Co-founder - Marketing

Ramón Castro​

Ramón is a digital marketing expert with experience leading projects in both B2C and B2B sectors. He began his career in the automotive industry, developing the marketing strategy for Maquina Motors Group. He then joined the independent workshop chain Rodi Motor Services as head of the company’s digital area, driving sales through its e-commerce platform offering vehicle maintenance services. At Steeple, he led the marketing department, defining acquisition strategies and increasing the company’s brand awareness. This helped establish the company’s business in the country and expand into new territories, notably in Latin America.

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